They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but some individuals take things entirely too far.

According to Vibe Magazine, Sony Music Entertainment has admitted to releasing and selling fake music that they claimed was by Michael Jackson.

Several songs were released in 2010 that were said to be recorded by Michael Jackson, but years later a fan questioned the music which led others to think the music was fake.

The songs were from the 2010 release of the posthumous album 'Michael' were the songs in question were "Monster", "Keep Your Head Up", and "Breaking News."

In court documents obtained by Karen Civil, Vera Servoa the fan who questioned the music accused Angelikson Productions LLC of creating and selling music through Sony and the Jackson estate.

The Jackson family denied the claims and Serova later testified in a Los Angeles Superior Court that the songs were recorded by a Michael Jackson impersonator by the name of Jason Malachi.

It isn't clear if Sony will be punished for the claim.

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