The 10 year that stole the world's attention with her first video, "Super Bass," a cover of the Nicki Minaji song is back. With this elaborate video that seems so more adult than this little cutie, this video has some concerned. Watch and see for your self.

"Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" is a leap past where we first met little Sophia Grace. Can't remember? Never heard of her? Here is her first music video. This is what helped this little lady steal America's heart.

This video launched Miss Grace into internet fame. She even made a few on-air appearances on a few big television shows. But, now she is back on YouTube.

Her new video has a large budget, better dresses, more sparkles on the tiaras, and a pink Cadillac. These big "improvements" and the use of auto tuning has made Sophia Grace the star of a music video that is Mtv worthy. But, it that a proper place for a 10 year old little girl?

Hearing a young one speaking about parties, shopping at the mall for new kicks, and boys "getting chances" seems a too adult for a girl of Sophia's age. This video is a close match to some of the same imagery as what we see coming from stars like Nicki Minaji, whom Sophia covered. Minaji, herself, speaks and acts in very inappropriate ways sometimes for a 10-year-old to be exposed to. So, it is safe to let little Grace follow so closely in her footsteps?

This is up to Sophia Grace's parents. Since she has been put on the world's stage, we can't help but have an opinion. Well, I guess I should show you the video so you can see what you think about it.

When is too young for a girl or boy to be "playing" adult on the very public YouTube? Should Sofia Grace be thrown into the world wind crazy ride of the world wide web at such a young age?

What do you think?