Since just about everyone is back outside enjoying the summer, we're getting ready to bring the summer fun with CASH & PRIZES to your East Texas city with the help of our friends at Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma!

This summer, we're pulling out the Choctaw Casino Grant Prize Wheel and we're hitting the streets of East Texas at a bunch of different locations giving you the chance to spin and win all sort of great prizes and CASH MONEY with a progressive jackpot if you crack the code to our safe!

Our jackpot kicks off at $500 and if no one wins it at one stop, we're going to add another $100 to the jackpot at the next prize wheel stop and the jackpot will continue to grow until someone cracks the code and opens the safe!

We will also have other great prizes from food to products and services and we're also have stays at the Choctaw Casino-Grant with dinner money and play money all on the wheel!

Your first chance to spin and win happens this Friday in Henderson at the grand opening celebration of Texas Title Pros located at 209 U.S. Highway 79 North across from The Jalapeno Tree from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM!

Melz On The MIC will be broadcasting live with your chance to spin and win plus other great surprises in store!

Let's "spin" into the holiday weekend with some big winning! Big thanks to Choctaw Casino -Grant for the love!

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