Talk about a close call!

Our morning man Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie are breathing a sigh of relief as their daughter Lori escaped a carjacking in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday (February 5th) Lori was in her parked Rolls Royce Cullinan in an Atlanta apartment complex when she went to retrieve her belongings from the trunk.

Harvey looked up and noticed a individual taking things from the drivers seat and started to fight the carjacker before shoving her away.

Lori grabbed the keys to the car and backed away before another car pulled up as the other man grabbed a red duffel bag and left the scene.

As authorities arrived on the scene Lori told them they only got away with her bag which only had clothes inside and was not harmed during the incident and will check surveillance to see if she was followed.

While that was a close call there are procedures to follow from Safety 1st Driving School in case you are involved in a carjacking by clicking here.