As someone who is currently in the process of purchasing a home, this story makes me sick to my stomach. The videos have been released on TikTok from Cassidy Gard on how a simple credit card offer in a Home Depot store ended up costing her big time as it stopped a bank from giving her the home loan she needed.

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We aren't talking about thousands of dollars, not even hundreds of dollars, it boils down to a $9 purchase at Home Depot. The tough life lesson that was shared on TikTok has been viewed well over one million times describing how the heartbreaking scenario happened.

Cassidy Gard is Calling this Credit Card Offer the Dumbest Thing She Has Ever Done

Cassidy like so many others across the country is looking to purchase a home and had been working with a bank for four months. And while grabbing a $9 can of paint at Home Depot she wanted to help the cashier hit her quota for credit card sign ups, so she opened a new line of credit. Well, that one mistake dropped her credit score 100 points and the bank was no longer willing to offer her the home loan.

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Cassidy Admits This is Her Fault and Doesn't Blame Home Depot

Anyone who goes through the fun of purchasing a home knows that you aren't allowed to make big purchases or mess with your credit score during the process. Which is why Cassidy understands that this is her fault. But she is bringing this to peoples attention so they don't make the same mistake that she made. What a painful lesson to learn. Check out the videos.

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