When you think of a "streaker", most of us laugh, as someone is acting silly running around naked. But it's not all that funny when you think about it, as this immature act could be caught by a child. Unfortunately, someone in Kilgore thought it would be funny to go streaking over this past weekend and the Kilgore Police Department is now spreading the word about what happened.

The details were just posted online by the Kilgore Police Department describing the incident that took place on Sunday. Officers were dispatched to a call involving a man who was caught by a "Ring" doorbell at a business. He was wearing nothing but a smile before making his escape in a white Chevrolet pickup.

The Streaker in Kilgore Hasn't Been Identified Yet

The police department has decided to not share the video, which is perfectly fine by us. But if you do hear anyone bragging about flashing their backside around town please let law enforcement know. Officers want to make it very clear that you are not being asked to apprehend the suspect, but if you know anything about this case please reach out to them with the information.

Going Streaking Isn't Funny, You Could Face Serious Criminal Charges

While streaking can be made into a funny part of a movie or a joke on television, if you get caught streaking you could be facing some very serious charges. I've heard of people streaking at a sporting event being charged with child sex crimes because there were children in attendance at the sporting event. So, before you decide to bare it all, remember you could get in a lot of trouble.

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