While it doesn’t have to be warm outside for me to fire my grill up, I do tend to cook out more often this time of year.

With it being summertime and more people getting the grills and smokers going, Smoked Meat Sunday crunched the numbers to determine the favorite cookout food in each state and for the most part, the results were kind of surprising to me.

The researchers used geotagged Twitter data such as hashtags and direct keyword phrases over the course of the last month to reach their conclusions.

For me personally, steak is my absolute favorite cookout food. My wife and I typically grill steaks every weekend. Seriously, our steak obsession is so bad that we make it a part of our grocery budget every week.

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Even though some of the results were surprising, Texas’ favorite cookout food wasn’t a surprise. The study found that folks here in the Lone Star State love their ribs. It’s hard to debate the awesomeness of ribs. Whether we’re talking pork or beef, I’m all in for getting down and dirty with a rack of ribs.

But here’s where it gets strange, in my opinion. The study found that the favorite cookout food in the majority of states is grilled hot dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love grilled hot dogs, but they’re not nearly my favorite.

Top 5 Cookout Foods

  1. Grilled hot dogs – 17 states
  2. BBQ ribs – 12
  3. Hamburgers – 9 states
  4. Mac & Cheese – 8 states
  5. Fried Chicken – 4 states

With hot dogs and mac and cheese being in the Top 5, I’m starting to think a whole lotta kids were included in this study.

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