The mystery surrounding the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur continues to fascinate rap fans 21 years later. Since the late rapper’s death, there have been hundreds of conspiracy theories. Suge Knight, the last person with 2Pac before his death, seems to believe that the iconic rapper is still alive.

On the Fox TV series, Who Shot Tupac & Biggie?, Ice-T and journalist Soledad O’Brien called the Death Row Records honcho at the L.A. County jail to ask him questions about ‘Pac’s death. During their discussion, Knight suggested that 2Pac might not be dead at all and hinted that foul play could be involved.

"I mean, when I left that hospital, me and ‘Pac was laughing and joking," he explained when questioned about his theory. "So I don’t see how somebody could turn from doing well to doing bad.”

O’Brien, shocked by his confession, asked Knight again if he really thinks 2Pac is still alive. “I’ma tell you, with ‘Pac, you never know,” he responds.

There's no confirmation of Suge speaking with 2Pac in the hospital before he died, but this will certainly fuel more conspiracy theories among fans.

Ice-T and Soledad O'Brien are the hosts of an investigative special called Who Shot Tupac & Biggie?, where they explore the evidence in the two unsolved murder cases of 2Pac and Biggie. The program will air this Sunday (Sept. 24) on Fox at 8PM ET.

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