Singer T-Pain is getting ready to hit the road for a tour and he has plans to make a few stops here in Texas. But he took to TikTok to complain about slow ticket sales and his video caused an uproar in the city of Dallas so loud that the Mayor Of Dallas got involved.

Here's The Video From T-Pain's TikTok Page

So to clarify, T-Pain said he and his team do a weekly meeting while on tour to go over how many tickets were selling at his upcoming shows on the tour. While his other upcoming shows had much higher selling numbers, such as San Francisco (72%), Los Angeles (100%) Phoenix (82%) and even Austin (61%), his Dallas show had only sold 26% of available tickets. This caused Pain to ask if Dallas REALLY loves him like they say do.

Fans Of T-Pain Chimed In With Their Thoughts Saying The Venue Is Not The Best

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Fans of the rapper/singer told him that one of the reasons sales maybe slow could be due to the reputation of the venue where he's set to perform. The show is set to take place at The Factory In Deep Ellum which has had several crime issues related to events in recent weeks. T-Pain asked on Twitter if he should consider moving his show to a different venue.


T-Pain's Tweet Caused The Mayor Of Dallas To Defend His City


Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson was quick to chime in, defending the city from a safety standpoint. Johnson added that he saw T-Pain play at the American Airlines Center in the past and he's glad the rapper is back performing in Dallas. We'll see what happens next but for now, Pain's show is still slated for May 18th if you want tickets, but hey T-Pain, how about you hook our East Texas listeners up with some tickets we could giveaway and we'll pull up and show love!

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