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Nene Leaks – “I’m Rich, Bitch!”
Sunday night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes stated numerous time that she is "rich". "Donald Trump rich", she stated to Sheree Whittfield, then again in Miami to Cynthia, and Kandi. Then proceeded to take the girls with her on a 9 milli…
Real Housewives Season 4 Premier Recap!
Delightfully tack, an never refined, your favorite Atlanta housewives are back with Season 4! Did you see it? If not, you missed the delicious drama-filled season premier! The show began with the ladies catching us up from last season, but the biggest talk of the night, of course was the fight betwe…
Kandi Lands Her Own Reality Show On Bravo!
Super producer, singer, and reality show star Kandi Burruss has been signed on for her own reality show! Since being shown on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” execs have created a show for Kandi called,"The Kandi Factory". Cute.
Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 4 November 6th
The Real Housewives of Atlanta have more drama -- I didn't think it was possible -- but the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have proven me wrong yet again!
Season 4 will bring the drama with these fine Atlanta ladies. Kandi is developing a sex-toy line, Kim will seen with her new baby boy an…
Former RHOA Castmember Drops 30 Lbs!
You GO Girl! Ex “Real Housewives of Atlanta” castmember DeShawn Snow has lost an shtonishing 30 pounds! She deceided it was time to drop the extra pounds after her public divorce from NBA baller Eric Snow.
DeShawn says:
“I felt everything was out of my control,&C…