Wendy Williams Is Single And Ready To Mingle!
Wendy Williams is reclaiming her life by making herself available to date again after leaving her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.
According to People, the 54-year-old opened up about playing the field and it was pretty cool.
She's rediscovering her love for men and even thought she's  n…
Bishop Eddie Long’s Wife Retracts Divorce Filing!
It's been only a mere few hours since Bishop Eddie Long's wife, Vanessa Long filed for divorce from the disgraced Bishop, and now she's recalling her initial filing. Bishop Eddie Long's wife, Vanessa Long, filed for divorce from the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church preacher on…
Kim Kardashian Releases Divorce Statement
We all knew that it would not last, but no one thought it would be over after only 72 days of marriage. However, Kim Kardashian has released an official statement to E! News about her decision to file for divorce from Kris Humphries, stating:
Divorce Is Skyrocketing in Rural America — Why Now?
According to census data, the divorce rate in rural Americans has increased seven-fold since 1970.
Now, for the first time, rural Americans are just as likely as city dwellers to have a marriage end in a divorce.
Experts attribute this explosion in divorce in America's heartland to changing valu…
Facebook Now Cited in Two out of Three Divorce Proceedings
According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social networking sites are now used as a primary source of evidence in four of out five divorcee proceedings.
Facebook, the most popular social networking destination, is cited in two-thirds of divorce cases, followed by MySpace at 14 percent…