oleus lilly

Oleus In East Texas
On Oct. 1, Oleus Lilly began a 763 mile run from El Paso to Longview to raise money and awareness for cancer. Despite being stopped by police, sleeping in the elements and suffering a stress fracture, he has made it back to East Texas a week early.
Running Across Texas
Longview native Oleus Lilly has begun his 800-mile run from El Paso back to Longview. Why is he doing this? To raise funds and awareness for all cancers. He will run the entire month to honer his grandmother, who he lost to Breast Cancer and for all cancer survivors.
Hot Topic: Oleus Lilly
Our HOT topic Tuesday is Mr. Oleus Lilly (no pun intended)! As you may know, Oleus will run nearly 800 miles from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1 in honor of his grandmother and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Our initial question for Oleus was, "Who does this?" We quickly learned the WHO is Oleus …