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President Obama Reponds To Boston Marathon Explosions
The Boston Marathon bombings were addressed yesterday by President Obama, in which he expressed that all resources will be used to "get to the bottom of this." The Whitehouse and the FBI are investigating the events as acts of terrorism.
Beyonce Lip Synched The National Anthem [VIDEO + POLL]
It's happened time and time again, professional celebrities singing the national anthem at major events and they end up flubbing the words somehow. The only way to make sure they are perfect and sung pitch perfect is by pre-recording them and that's exactly what Beyonce did yesterday durin…
Beyonce Joins Instagram [PHOTOS]
Beyonce has finally joined the social networking world of Instagram, and has used it to show her support for President Barack Obama. The 31 year old singer also penned a letter to the President expressing her support and her admiration.
President Obama Supports Gay Marriage [VIDEO/POLL]
President Barack Obama announced earlier today that his support for same-sex marriage views are "evolving." In an interview with Robin Roberts, the President opened up on his new views involving same-sex couples and came out in full support of their human rights.

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