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Being Mommie Shani Scott
Being Shani Scott, most people like to believe that life is easy and everything is perfect in "Shani's World". That is so not the case. I have some of the same challenges and issues that you have. Recently, I found myself in a very tight spot and with some wiggling around to t…
What Do I Look Like I Do?
Yesterday, Twitter was on fire with this one simple post, "What do I look like I do?". Of course, I had to jump in on it because it seemed fun.
So, I took a selfie and posted it to Twitter with the #whatdoilooklikeido, and the games began...
Today I will be all over the streets of East Texas...literally! Join me at Divine Catering in Longview for "The Lunch Break" with Keeta King and the Dark Knight. Yes, I will have all kinds of prizes, but if you know "The Phrase That Pays" then I have a $20 gift ce…
Shani’s Kanye Experience! I Met Mike Dean!!!
This past Wednesday I had my first Kanye West experience and oh what an experience it was. I have always heard that Kanye puts on one heck of a show, so I made it my business to get to Austin to see him and this floating stage I'd heard about, but I didn't know that "THE MIKE DEAN…
The Regional Weather Report With Shani Scott
So I can be heard in East Texas and Central Texas. Both parts of Texas are some what similar, a few cities make up these areas. Weather is a big part of our lives in these areas and today I recognized some interesting patterns in the weather for both parts of Texas.
Sistas Empowering Sistas
As women we take on a great deal of pressure to perform, please and praise. Most of us are happy to do so, however we don't get the same praise or appreciation in return. It's moments like these that your have to dig a little deeper and remember the person you are and not allow others to c…
Watch Shani Scott FB Live
I am so excited about this new feature I do everyday on my radio show, which is Facebook Live. Each day I am amazed at how many of you meet me there and tune in.
Nobody Told Me This About 40
I am just about 90 days away from turning 40 and some interesting things have been happening to me as I take this journey. I always thought of turning 40 means that I am getting old, but I have found out this is just the beginning of life.
Online Dating 102 With Shani Scott
Singing "I'm living the single, single,!" in my Cameo voice. I think this is the first time that I have really been open to date in my life. Friends and even my mom have encouraged me to date more than one person and to stop committing myself to one person right…
Twisted Root Coming To Tyler
Snoop Dogg was giving the challenge of figuring out what hot dogs were before they actually become hot dogs. He has some interesting guess and is disturbed when he learns what it is.
Best Patio Spots On Broadway?
I am truly heart broken right now. It seems that every time good people attempt to make progress, someone has to put gasoline on it. The Longview News Journal's cover story for Sunday, August 7, 2016 is "The Klan Turns 150." I have never been a part of a boycott, however it is…
Shani’s Petty Post For The Week
Do you have haters in your life? If so, you are on the right track. If you don't have haters you are doing nothing with your life. No one is liked by all people, it's just impossible. They way we react to our hater determines our outcome of the situation.

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