SWV Lands Reality Show On WE Network
'90s girl-group, SWV (Sister's With Voices) are headed to reality tv! Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, Leanne “LeLee” Lyons, and Tamara “Taj” George have begun taping the show since the later part of 2012.
New Music by Sisters With Voices: ‘CoSign’ [VIDEO]
They're back! One of the best female groups of all-time, SWV (Sisters With Voices), has released new music that's already being added to radio station playlists all over. The new track is called "CoSign," and we have the exclusive track - check it out!
Throwback: SWV ‘Downtown’
When this song debuted on the radio, it made us all woner what "Downtown" meant. I think we all got the memo after we saw the video and jammed the lyrics! SWV put men on blast with their edgy hit and made women everywhere more sexually vocal. Enjoy more after the jump!