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Did Willow Get Her Tongue Pierced?
We’re already convinced that Willow is an infinitely stylish creature. When she’s not whippin’ her hair, she’s shaving it. She’s always brightly adorned in fabulous attire, the epitome of street style. Now, judging from …
Willow Smith Dyes Her Hair Green
Willow Smith has been a style chameleon for her entire short life, and the pint-sized pop tart isn’t showing signs of stopping. The ‘Fireball‘ singer has gone green — literally!
Who Should Play Whitney Houston In New Biopic?
There is much speculation of who should play superstar Whitney Houston in up-coming biopic. According to sources, there is a long list of actresses up for the role. Check out our list of actresses rumored to play the star so far!
Willow Dyes Shaved Head Blonde
Willow is known for her viral hit ‘Whip My Hair,’ which started a bit of a teen craze and got her signed to a record deal. Despite the fact that follicles were such a key part of her earliest success, the 11-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith keeps drastical…
Ten-Year-Old Willow Smith Named Fashion Icon By Vogue
Willow Smith may not be old enough to drink, vote or drive, but in the fashion world, she's a fashion icon.
"Naturally talented, charismatic, unblemished optimism, with the whole wide world open to her possibilities and abilities. I think she is the future-forward American icon.&quo…
Jaden Smith Pulls In Millions From ‘Karate Kid’
He may be only a child, but a rich child is really what he is. TMZ is reporting that they got the dividends Jaden Smith, child of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, made a whole lot of money from starring in the remake of the popular 1980's film, Karate Kid.

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