Flag on the play!  Illegal use of words....

Texas Christian University's head football coach Gary Patterson is apologizing after repeating a racial slur during a team meeting on Monday (August 3rd).

The incident happened on Sunday during a workout when he got into a verbal confrontation with his freshman linebacker Dylan Jordan per TMZ Sports and things got a little heated.

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According to Jordan during the confrontation coach Patterson said to him, "You're a f**king brat I'll send you back to pitt." which is in reference to Pittsburgh, Kansas which is Jordan's hometown.

Once Jordan claimed he didn't do anything coach Patterson said the following,

You've been saying n***as in the meeting room.

The following day Jordan and other players didn't show up for practice and when he arrived Patterson indicated that he wasn't calling him that. TCU senior tight end Artayvious Lynn said even though Patterson said the slur he wasn't directing it at Jordan or anybody.  

Since the incident Patterson has met with TCU's Seniors and Leadership Council to discuss ways of incidents like this from happening again and committed to fight against racial injustices.

I met with our Seniors and Leadership Council last night about how we move forward as team, together.  We are committed as individuals and as a program to fighting racial injustice of any kind.

I stand in agreement with Artayvious Lynn's remarks as Coach Patterson didn't mean any ill intent by his actions of saying a racial slur, but he definitely didn't have no business saying it.

Let's hope that cooler heads will prevail and Coach Patterson will have a better choice of words to vent his frustrations.

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