It was back in December of 2021 when we first brought you the story of Cole Hagan the high school football player that was lured outside by his own teammates who them beat him up severely. Cole was going to Brazoswood High School in Clute, Texas when the horrible incident took place but one of the attackers has now entered a guilty plea for his part in the attack and will spend 120 days in jail. 

According to KHOU, the three boys that were arrested for the beating were Ayden Holland, Logan Huber and Reid Mitchell. Both Mitchell and Huber were 17 when the assault took place, Holland was 18 years-old. Reid Mitchell is the one who entered the guilty plea and will be serving the jail time the other two suspects still have court appearances scheduled in the near future.  

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What is the Punishment Beyond Jail Time? 

Besides the 120 days in jail, Mitchell has other things that he will have to do as part of the punishment for the aggravated assault. He will also be serving 10 years of probation and has to complete 200 hours of community service.  

There is Still a Lawsuit Filed by the Victim’s Family 

The punishment is serious, but things are only getting started as there is still a $50 million dollar lawsuit that was filed by Hagan’s family naming all defendants along with four other teens and their parents as defendants. 

The lawsuit claims that people knew the assault was going to take place but did nothing to stop it. Also, one of the teens parents is accused of supplying alcohol to minors. The lawsuit claims the alcohol helped cause injury to Hagan. 

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