Tomorrow is a big day for kids in the 4th, 5th and 8th grade as the Writing TAKS test are being issued.

We have found up some sure fired tips that will help you prime your child -- after the jump.
1- Go well fed. Eat a light and nutritious meal before the test - stay away from junk foods.

2- Reinforce to your child to NOT worry about other students finishing the test before you do. Take the time that they need to do their best.

3- Be encouraging and supportive. Even if you have some concern about how well he/she will fare on the tests, stick to the positive. The best result will come from your child thinking they are going to do well on the TAKS.

4- Get plenty of sleep - Ensure that your child goes to bed early in order to make sure they feel well rested.

5- Relax - Encourage them focus during the test but not sit all tensed up. Take their time and double check their answers.