Growing up with asthma and having a sister with sickle cell paying trips to the hospital was no picnic.

However, today here in the state of Texas parents with young patients can find some joy in paying a visit to the hospital thanks to the magical world of Disney.

According to ABC 13, the Texas Chilldren's Hospital has joined forces with Disney by launching a $100 million initiative.

The hospital now will offer mobile movie screens and interactive windows and colorful murals, which are designed to make kids hospital stays a little easier as they receive treatment.

While there will be plenty to see, there will also be hidden gems as well as patients will receive a special bracelet that will allow them to unlock surprises and content from all over the hospital.

Elissa Margolis from Disney released a statement of the joint venture,

Today we unveil these re-imagined spaces, personalized moments engaging content and more, which are all meant to alleviate and provide support during moments of highest anxiety for patients and families.

This is major news coming from the Disney company, and while this is the first hospital to have this type of service you can be sure to see other hospitals around the globe to soon follow suit.

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