Face it!  Some people just want to relive their high school glory days and 25-year-old Sidney Gilstrap-Portley is one of them.  CBS News report, the 25-year-old man was arrested after he pretended to be a 17-year-old student "Rashan Richardson" and enrolled at 2 high schools in 3 months.

Portley was enrolled at Hillcrest High School in October and joined the basketball team and was voted District 11-5a's offensive player of the year.  He told school administration he was homeless after being affected by Hurricane Harvey and moved to Dallas and because of the situation the school waived ID requirements.

Things were going great until his ex-basketball coach at another high school saw him playing in a tournament from years ago.

Hillcrest Principal Christopher Bayer was shocked by the news.

He fooled us. He did.  It's painful to even say that because it hurts in both ways.

If he wouldn't have got caught he would have been almost 30 when he would have graduated for the second time.

He was charged with tampering with government records and currently on bond.