Let's face it, we all need more sleep.

Growing up I always heard that we need to get eight hours of sleep in order to perform at our best during the day. This is something I strive fore each night, but fall short nearly every night, except for the weekend. According to Study Finds, American's are now averaging less than six hours of sleep a night. WAIT A MINUTE. I thought we were supposed to get eight! I'm being robbed here. I'm, without a doubt, among that group. I'm averaging six and half to maybe seven hours a night.

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I guess it's not that surprising then to find out that Texas ranks in the top 10 when it comes to employees napping on the job. Napping on the job has become a lot easier for many because so many people are working from home these days. With a comfortable bed or even a couch or a recliner not that far off, I can see how tempting it would be. You're at home, the boss is nowhere around and you nod off for 30 minutes or so and your boss will never see you.

According to survey results from Zippia, Texas comes in 9th out of fifty with 44% of the workforce taking some length of a nap while on the clock at home. It could be worse, we could be North Dakota, Alaska, Nebraska, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana or New Mexico and have half the office taking a nap.

Source: Zippia Napping At Work Study

Now taking a nap while at work is one thing I can say I've never done, because if I fell asleep on the job someone would be calling the business office to let our receptionist know there's some dead air on the station. For that, I'd probably lose my job! As tired as I may be at work sometimes, there's always something to keep me busy.

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