For most of us, we want to make progress, we want to get better. Making the same mistakes is never a recipe for success which I why I found it so interesting when Gallus Detox created a list of the bad habits that people in each U.S. State want to give up the most. It was a bit shocking when I found out what they determined to be the thing that Texans want to give up the most.  

With a Name Like Gallus Detox I thought it was mostly going to be about alcohol, which was only partially true. The research company came up with these results after looking at Google searches in each state. The top five categories that were researched the most on how to quit across the nation include alcohol, tobacco, pornography, biting nails, and cannabis. 

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The Sinful Habit That Texans Specifically Want to Quit 

The habit that seemed to be Googled the most by Texans is probably the one that most people feel uncomfortable talking about, which is to quit looking at pornography. Texas was not alone as Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan and New York also want to get away from the same bad habit. When looking for resources to stop most people searched for, “How to stop watching porn”.  

Life Is About Making Contentious Progress 

Life can be difficult at time, whatever progress you’re trying to make, whatever bad habit you’re trying to stop, just keep working toward your goal. Remember there are professionals that can help you if you can’t seem to do it on your own. There is no shame in asking for help.  

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