Food! Yes! My joie de vivre is food, and discovering new culinary delights in our neck of the Texas Woods is my jam.

If you are a foodie like me, then you have probably either heard of one of these East Texas spots or you've dined there in person (LUCKY!). Here are eight places I have put on my bucket list, and each one of these spots has been featured somewhere in Televisionland!

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    Afrah Mediterranean Restaurant

    Richardson, TX - 318 E Main St

    As seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives - International Eats.

    Try this place when you're looking for some great Lebanese food.

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    The Pantry Restaurant

    McKinney, TX -

    As seen on Outrageous Food - The Five Pound Philly Challenge.

    They had me at "5 ft chocolate cream pie."

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    Nanny Goat's Cafe Restaurant

    Longview, TX

    Yes, Boomers, they serve Avocado Toast here, so watch out for Millennials!

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    Russian Banya of Dallas

    Carrollton, TX -  2515 E Rosemeade Pkwy #401

    TAs featured on Bizarre Foods America.

    Yelp says they are currently open just for take-out and delivery. Polish food, Turkish food, Russian food, you name it! Closed on Mondays.

    “Have you ever wanted to visit Russia but stuck in the small town of Dallas, Texas?” - Somebody on Yelp

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    Catfish Plantation

    Waxahachie, TX - 814 Water St

    As seen on Craziest Restaurants in America.

    Did somebody say Southern Cajun Creole Cuisine? And they have the nerve to have hush puppies, fried green tomatoes, AND fried okra? Sign. Me. Up.

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    J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill

    Arlington, TX - 400 East Abram Street

    As seen on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and ESPN-U Roadtrip.

    This pubby place boasts "the world's best Irish nachos." Hey, pal! I'll have to be the judge o'that!

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    Jacks ChowHound Catering Food Truck

    Southlake, TX - 101 Starling Court

    As seen on Eat Street - Hot Haute Cuisine.

    If you want some yummy, greasy food that hits the spot just right, look no further. I have heard the two best things to try here are their Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese sandwiches (with smoked gouda) or their famous Spicy Skirt Steak Slider.