We're gonna need a bigger boat!

I've heard the saying plenty of times, "Everything is BIG in Texas", and one Texas teen has proved that saying true by catching a 7.5 alligator gar while fishing last week.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Jack Pytle, from Needville, was fishing at a creek near the Brazos River on Saturday (February 1st) when he felt something tugging on his line.

After putting up a thirty minute fight, Jack got a surprise by reeling in a massive alligator gar.

Look at the size of this catch!


I reached out to him on his Facebook page and asked him what went through his mind when he realized what he caught,

"Well I knew exactly what I hooked from the start but I never expected it to be that big because I have caught several big ones but this is the biggest one yet. Honestly all I could think about is how big the fish was."

Yeah, that's a big catch as Jack shared his 7'5" 190 lb. catch. However, Texas Parks and Wildlife said the record for the largest alligator gar was set back in 1953 at a whopping 302 pounds.

Nevertheless, this catch from Jack is mighty impressive and he plans on catching a bigger one in the near future.

Count me in, Jack!


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