Shonda Rhimes will take over ABC tonight and I can't wait!!! OMG, I have been anticipating the season premier of Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Let's not forget that Shonda is also the creator of Grey's Anatomy so ABC will be ruled by the lady that New York Times columnist Alessandra Stanley refers to as "An Angry Black Woman."

Well, I say, forget that hater and thanks for the extra PR Ms. Stanley. I just hate that her mind is that small. Anyway, back to Thursday night television. I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of "Grey's Anatomy," but I will check it out tonight to support Shonda Rhimes.

"Scandal," on the other hand, I can tell you all about. Tonight, we will pick up with "Liv" and Jake on their way to a secret location. The trailer gives me nothing, oh the anticipation is just to much.

Let's move on to the new Shonda Rhimes creation, "How To Get Away With Murder." I just love Viola Davis, she is all of that and a bag of glitter! This show is about a criminal defense attorney and professor who gets in a situation with four of her students from her class. The students soon find out that they will have to apply what they have learned in class, to their real lives. I can't wait!

TGIT - Thank God It's Thursday! This is the best ABC lineup ever! Catch Grey's Anatomy at 7p CST, Scandal at 8p CST & How To Get Away With Murder at 9p CST.