DISCLAIMER: The Best Damn Thing I Ate series is where Melz On The MIC checks out restaurants and food trucks all across East Texas for the purposes of review. Melz was not compensated or given free food for his review.

You know I've been "raving" about North Tyler and as I continue to explore my community, I keep coming across several jewels that I have to share with yall, especially in the food department.

My commute to the office involves me taking Glenwood Boulevard to work and every day I drive past Fun Forest Park and I get to see folks outside enjoying the fresh air. Then I get the light at the corner of Glenwood and Garden Valley and notice an un assuming building with a car port with several cars parked underneath it.

Its another well known spot in North Tyler called Soul BBQ & Soul Food.


I've been to Soul's before and instead of getting BBQ, not taking anything anyway from their skills because they are HIGHLY rated with 4.4 stars on Google Reviews, I just wanted to try something different. For some reason I was attracted to the fried ribs.

Now fried ribs can be tricky. Some folks like to fry beef ribs, some like pork, some are "chicken fried" and others are just fried as is. But the way Soul's make them is absolutely perfect.


I'm not going to try to make this sound fancy folks, this straight down to the point damn good fried ribs. You definitely gotta have your hot sauce on deck too! Even if you don't want to try the ribs, get the mac and cheese because its just as AMAZING and probably the best damn mac and cheese in East Texas.

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