East Texas, you have your very own Steph Curry (female version, that is ;) right here in your own backyard!

Betcha didn't know Keeta King could ball! Well.... kinda sorta. I had a blast showcasing my high school, throwback basketball skills at the Harlem All Star Legends and Celebrity Basketball in Henderson, Texas. I scored a whopping six of my team's 70 total points, but it was not quite enough to secure the W against the talented, hilarious, show team out of Houston, Texas. The Harlem All Star Legends secured the win by quite a large margin with the final score being 70 to 108.

We'll be ready for 'em next year! At the end of the day, we had a blast, and big funds and awareness were raised for a great purpose.... That purpose being the Boys & Girls Club of Rusk County. I can't wait til next year!!

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