Pumpkin spice, Halloween, and Daylight Savings Time all mean we are in the fall season!

However, when it comes to the end of the summer what do we officially call the next season?

I did a quick survey around the office and asked what do you prefer 'fall' or 'autumn' and the majority of the building said 'fall.'

According to Fox News, Americans typically say "fall" more than "autumn."

The dictionary says "harvest" was the first name for the season, but the popularity fell out in the 1300s, with "autumn" being more popular.

Moving into "fall" it comes from the phrase "the fall of the leaves" or "falling leaves," liked by poets.

According to Mirriam-Webster, people started shortening the season to "fall" in the 1600s.

However, British English and American English agree to disagree, and in the 1800s the British settled on "autumn" as their word of choice while we in the U.S. chose "fall."

Which season do you call it?  "Fall" or "Autumn"?



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