Is there really a correct way to slice your pizza?  The answer is "YES!"

When it comes to eating pizza there is only one way to enjoy it and that's by cutting it in squares.

Being from the midwest that is the only way I remember eating a pizza and even here in East Texas when I order a thin crust pizza I ask for it to be cut in squares or the "Chicago cut", but on social media folks went into a debate on which is the proper way to eat it.

According to Fox News, a tweet of a pizza cut in squares was posted and the question posed was "which piece are you picking up first?" and of course it's 1.

Then many individuals from Chicago and even St. Louis agreed that '1" which is the top left corner of the pizza was the correct option, but others disagreed.

Of course the East Cost pizza lovers were actually offended that a pizza would be cut into squares because they are known for their large slices of pizza, but we can all agree to disagree.

Nevertheless, having a thin crust pizza cut into squares is the best option because you have more pizza to enjoy!

Tell you what, this weekend with the family order a thin crust pizza from your favorite pizza place here in East Texas and mention to have the pizza cut in squares or the "Chicago cut" and tell me what you think.

Now who do I have to talk to to get Giordano's in East Texas?

Their deep dish pizzas are a game changer!


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