Hello Clarice!

Ok, I couldn't resist.

This house gave me the creeps in 1991 and it STILL gives me creeps today!

However, if you are a fan of the classic horror film The Silence of the Lambs, then you will love to know the home of Jame Gumb, or as he's known by the nickname 'Buffalo Bill', is up for sale.

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The film which won seven Academy Awards in 1992, is about young FBI Agent Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster) who is assigned to interview Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins) whose knowledge helps her track down a serial killer named Buffalo Bill - who kills women and removes their skin.

This home is definitely one of a kind as this 3-story Queen Anne Victorian is located at 8 Circle St, sits on 1.7 acres in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania and it can be yours for $298,500 per Realtor.

Built back in 1910, this home has the original hardwood floors and other amenities with updates done to the porch and gazebo. The rose bed garden and fountain were added to the front, and the dining room where Clarice confronts Buffalo Bill still gives me the creeps!

The aura and vibe this house gives would make a great AirBNB for those who like to live on the wild side.

Silence Of The Lambs Home Of Buffalo Bill



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