Get your W-2s ready because the date to start filing in your tax return has been set!

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The Internal Revenue Service has announced that January 27 is the first date you can begin to send taxes for 2019, according to WGRZ. You can of course get a head start on preparing them, but they cannot be sent in until the 27th. Experts suggest you file as soon as you can to possible avoid any hijacking of your return by an identity thief. If you believe you have been a victim, the IRS’s step-by-step guide gives you the steps on what to do next and how to handle it.

"Filing your taxes early is the best way to prevent tax identity theft because the IRS allows only one tax return per Social Security number per year." ~

You can prepare your taxes for free online using the IRS Free File online. The tax deadline is April 15!
The deadline to file and pay any tax owed is April 15.

"The IRS encourages everyone to consider filing electronically and choosing direct deposit. It's fast, accurate and the best way to get your refund as quickly as possible." ~ IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig

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