Ok, we are now officially in the Christmas holiday season and you know what that means?  Filled shopping malls, kids going to see Santa Claus and of course buying that beloved Christmas tree.  Personally, I have dreaded buying a Christmas tree and actually considered this year I would buy one, but now I have found a creative way to adding Christmas cheer to my home with an unusual piece of equipment that I’ve been using for years.

Video Source:  Jeremy Rabe

From Fox News, the ladder tree has been all over social media over the last couple of years and it is very unclear how it all started. However, the trend has been growing and you get to show off your creative side by grabbing your ladder and extending it out, wrap some lights around it and decorate it.  This craze has been around for years now and it's a hit on social media.

If you are tired of the same ole Christmas tree and would like to jazz things up around the house I have the perfect suggestion for you—the ‘ladder tree.’ You will definitely be to talk of the neighborhood and it's guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Happy Holidays!