Without hesitation, as soon as I saw these photos posted online, I automatically said, “Awwww”. It just goes to show you that there are still some amazing people, especially in Port Aransas, Texas. I had never heard of “Yarn Bombing” or Bollard Buddies before seeing these photos but the people behind this kind act are all about putting smiles on people's faces. 

I ran across this post on social media from an online group called “Heck this is wholesome”. While it might sound corny, I love being a part of groups like this because there is so much negativity online, I truly like to see positive things as much as possible. And just scrolling through the photos put a gigantic smile on my face, you can see the photos below and I hope you love them too. 

Yarn Bombing in Port Aransas, Texas 

These crocheted characters popped up one day and while their creators have remained anonymous this is the kind of thing we needed to see. They will make everyone's beach adventures so much better, and they took time to create these pieces out of the goodness of their own heart. Not trying to go viral on social media, although they are accomplishing that too. 

If You See Yarn Bombing Please Leave Them Alone 

If you happen to see something like this, please leave the amazing work alone. These pieces should be left for everyone to enjoy. While you might want to take one home because they are so beautiful, please make sure you look but don’t touch. 

Look at these amazing pieces:  

Wholesome New Trend of Yarn Bombing in Port Aransas, Texas

People created these amazing yarn bombs to help people enjoy their beach adventures in Port Aransas, Texas

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