Old habits are hard to break, but this habit will surely change your mind when it comes to wearing shoes in the house.

According to Fox News, a recent study at the University of Houston found that more than 26 percent of shoes worn inside the house are contaminated with Colistiduium difficule (C.diff), which is a bacterium that can cause stomach pain and explosive diarrhea.

New York City board certified pediatrician Dr. Alison Mitzner said germs and bacteria can be brought in from your shoes, including toxins and E. coli. and it could really do harm to kids and young toddlers.

We all know that children, especially younger toddlers, crawl and put everything in their mouths. Keeping shoes off will reduce their risks of being exposed to these bacteria.

Also, even if you remove your shoes, the inside of your home is still covered with germs, and there is just as much bacteria on your socks or bare feet as there is on your shoes.

So what you do you?

The easiest way is to vacuum and clean your carpet at least once a week, and continuously air out your home as the quality of air is usually worse inside your home than outside.

I'm grabbing the air freshener as we speak!

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