It started with a guy named Jason just showing up to work at a movie theater in Corpus Christi, TX and wanting guests to have a great time and now he is becoming the most famous popcorn slinger in the country. Over the holidays there was a guy named Oscar who went to a movie and like so many of us ordered a bucket of that delicious popcorn drenched in that “butter”, it might not be healthy, but it tastes good. And what Jason did while preparing the popcorn has since gone viral. 

Jason like any good employee at the movie theater wanted to make sure the customer had a good experience, so he put on quite a show while preparing the popcorn he shoveled in the fresh stuff and put multiple layers of butter all throughout. As he was preparing the popcorn, he was twirling the bucket and putting on quite the show. You have to see this for yourself. 

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He Has Now Been on Jimmy Kimmel Live to Chat About It 

As you can expect Jason Grosboll never expected to go viral for having some fun and entertaining guests at work but that’s just part of his charm. He enjoys his job obviously and wants to spread that joy to everyone he serves while on the clock. He seems like one tremendous employee. 

I Used to Work at a Movie Theater 

Working at a movie theater in high school was one of the most fun jobs ever, while it didn’t pay well, it was a blast. This is a good reminder to everyone to just have as much fun as possible every day, be a good person, spread some cheer throughout your day. You never know, you could end up going viral just for being in a good mood and trying to help others put a smile on their face.  

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