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For the next three days we are going to celebrate this thing called life....

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When I tell you that I can't wait for tonight because for the first time in history Prince will be celebrated on YouTube and for a good cause.

The Root reports the Prince Estate has partnered with YouTube to celebrate the musical icon for three days with the viewing of the legendary Purple Rain Concert that took place March 30th at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York.

The concert will be available on Princes official YouTube Channel beginning Thursday (May 14th) through Sunday (May 17th) and proceeds will run to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization powered by UN Foundation and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation put together through YouTube and Google.

Any viewer who make a donation will include a matching component from Google which means they will make $2 for ever $1 up to $5 million get more details here.

What makes this even special is that the Prince Estate will have a watch party at 6pm CT, where fans will have an opportunity to participate in a pre-stream question and answer session with Revolution drummer Bobby Z.

The concert originally released through VHS <== old school and was out of print before the remastered it for the deluxe "Purple Rain" edition was released in 2017 and as you can see I have the vintage copy  of the purple vinyl record of Purple Rain.

Shawn Knight |TSM
Shawn Knight |TSM

You can watch the Pre Show by clicking here at 6pm and watch the concert here.

Check out the full track list

1.     Let’s Go Crazy (6:03)
2.     Delirious (2:51)
3.    1999 (5:51)
4.    Little Red Corvette (3:39)
5.    Take Me With U (4:57)
6.    Yankee Doodle Dandy (3:53)
7.    Do Me Baby (4:51)
8.    Irresistible Bitch (1:56)
9.    Possessed (4:25)
10.  How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore (7:19)
11.  Let’s Pretend We’re Married (2:11)
12.  International Lover (2:01)
13.  God (7:46)
14.  Computer Blue (4:15)
15.  Darling Nikki (3:30)
16.  The Beautiful Ones (6:50)
17.  When Doves Cry (9:29)
18.  I Would Die 4 U (3:27)
19.  Baby I’m A Star (10:57)
20.  Purple Rain (19:26)

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