My dad is a U.S. Navy veteran and he doesn't talk much about the heat of the battles, but he does talk about what the food was like.

From what I gather, in the 1960s the food in US Navy "mess halls" as my dad called them was decent, but kinda bland.  hen later they spiced things up a little and it got better.

Now the U.S. Navy is getting rid of fried foods. Why?

No more fried chicken and no more french fries for those serving in the Navy. It's part of a new Go for Green nutrition program with the Department of Defense, and they said they're not banning fried foods, but instead using a new type of cooking method that will steam the food instead of fry it in oil.

The net effect is no more fried foods in the chow line.

They're also getting rid of whole milk and replacing it with skim, according to the Navy Times. Fruits and vegetables will be front and center.

Sailors will be encouraged to pick more "green light" foods like veggies and lean proteins, and fewer of the "red light" foods like bologna, sausage, bacon, ice cream, and energy drinks.

And the Navy will implement new fitness routines designed to get sailors into even better shape.

Know anyone from Tyler going into the Navy? You might want to fry them a chicken before they leave.