While we are less than 90 days away from exercising our political power and voting in the 2020 Presidential election the United States Postal Service has created a remedy for all voters who have concerns about casting their ballot due to COVID-19.

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Today (August 21st) the USPS introduced the website Election Mail to assist Americans vote by mail in this years general election and to provide the electorate with clear and direct information about voting by mail.

What is Election Mail you ask?  It's described as any item mailed to or from authorized election officials that enables citizens to participate in the voting process including ballots, voter registrations cards, absentee voting applications and polling place notifications.

If your state allows mail-in voting and if you make a decision to request or return your ballot using the mail, the post office is asking you to explore the options or resources from your state and local election authorities.

In a press release the USPS explained more about the Election Mail service.

Election officials and voters are being asked to be mindful of the Postal Service’s established delivery standards and consider how the mail actually works, so that voters have adequate time to request, receive, complete and send their mail-in ballots.  The Postal Service will continue to do everything in its power to efficiently handle and deliver Election Mail, including ballots, in a manner consistent with the proven processes and procedures that have been relied upon for years.

To know your voter registration status you can click here and make sure you exercise your political power and vote November 3rd.

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