Now that the fall season is upon us it is time to set your sights on a holiday that makes everyone a kid at heart....Halloween.

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Trick or Treating is a favorite past time as kids and sometimes adults get dressed in their Halloween costume and go door to door getting some of their favorite candy.

However, due to COVID-19 Halloween will be looking a little different this year as the CDC put out guidelines for everyone to ensure the safety of your little ghouls and goblins.

Halloween Brings Out Trick-Or-Treaters, Young And Old
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Due to these guidelines that could affect purchasing Halloween candy as the website Candy Store reports that candy sales could take a slight hit this year at S2.4 Billion compared to S2.6 Billion last year.

Nevertheless, each year they do an annual tally of the Top 3 Halloween Candy per state which is highly important especially at the end of Trick or Treating when kids and parents (don't judge us) do inventory to see if we scored with our favorite candy at the end of the night.

This collection of data has been going on for since 2007 as candy sales have been broken down state by state and personally I have my favorite go to candy for Halloween, but overall let's see how many like minded people are out there.

When it comes to the Lone Star state of Texas our favorite Halloween candy is.....STARBUST!

Now I can agree with this choice as I absolutely love Starburst and apparently I am not alone.  However, I must give an honorable mention to the runner up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups came in second and Sour Patch Kids came in third.

Now that you have an official cheat sheet when it comes to Halloween candy you will have no problem being the favorite house on the block and not worry about getting your house egged for having bad candy!
Check out how other states fair when it comes to Halloween candy and see if you agree.

Happy Halloween candy shopping....


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