Before we jump into the videos that will make the tears appear out of nowhere, I want to say thank you to every military service member who allows us to enjoy the freedoms we have each day. Thank you will never be enough, but these men and women deserve to know that they are appreciated everyday. Just like most people, when I see these military reunion videos I have to stop and watch, and next thing you know something flies into my eye and it begins to water.

Back on September 11th, 2001 my brother was an active service member for the United States Marine Corps and I remember being so scared of the unknown. The next time I got to see him I remember giving him the biggest hug and not wanting to let go, just like so many of the videos below. So, let's check out these heroes surprising their family members.

Every sibling and even grandma got a surprise:

@michelleguest♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

Sprinting for a hug:

@kassiegarofaloHe’s finally home… my heart is so full❤️❤️ ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

This sister really missed her brother:

@amandajenkinsonWhen your brother has been gone for 4.5 months and you haven’t been away from him longer than 1 week. #armylife #brother #sister #surprise #military ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

Best birthday wish EVER:

@fillmycup.beautifulBest Birthday Wish! #militaryhomecoming #daddyishome #militarylife #deployed #deploymenthomecoming #militarydaddy #usaf ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

WOW! This took some planning:

@notnoahcrawfordWe love to see it #foryoupage #military #airforce #blowitup #viral #nation #usa ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

Poor grandma dropped her drinks:

@jamie.ann0523welcome home PFC McNeff❤️ #fyp #cominghome #military #militaryhomecoming #surprise ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

The best surprises are the ones that are completely unexpected:

@c.hud.9A different view of our sailor surprising our family after returning home from deployment. #military #usnavy #militaryhomecoming #surprise ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

You can see the surprise then the relief that her brother is okay:

@02abroadhurstafter spending 18 years in the same house, 6 months felt like forever. love you bro ❤️ #marines #brother #militarylife #militaryhomecoming #fyp ♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

There is nothing better than your brother showing up to take a photo with you:

@danielled1371♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

This video amazes me, because the father was able to keep his composure when his son walked into his place of business:

@jenniferabernathy08#marinecorps#usmc#militaryhomecoming♬ Mr Red White and Blue - Coffey Anderson

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