It is something about that swinger lifestyle that is amazing to some and leaves others scratching their heads. There are various definitions of what a swinger is. The most common definition is a person that has sex with other people outside of their committed relationship and their partner is on board with it too. So in essence they are swinging back and forth between people. The swinging back and forth sound like something that I could get into for the rest of my life. Some people wouldn't have life any other way and after seeing these swingers on TikTok, I may have to give this lifestyle a try.

What I gathered from watching the TikTok swingers lifestyle is one that everyone should participate in, including children. Yes, I say children. This should be a family affair that you all participate in at least three to four times a week.  As a family you would be able to connect in a way that you have never connected before. So many fond memories would be created while you and your children are swinging together. You can even make it more memorable if you add your family pets. Let's just make is a family affair and add grandma and grandpa too.

I know you are probably looking at your computer with your mouth wide open saying "I can't believe Shani is saying this", but I think everyone should have an open mind and just give it a try one weekend. After you give it a try, if it is not the life for you and your family, you never have to revisit it again. On the other hand, if it works for your family, you should consider implementing this practice at least 3 times a week.

Check out these TIkTok videos of East Texans swinging so you know exactly what to do.

East Texas Swinger 1


@jenniferdunkinhawleyThe East TX sized bed swing gets better and better.... #justlisten #easttexas #fyp #DIY #swingbed #countryliving #BestSeatInTheHouse♬ original sound - Jennifer Dunkin-Hawley

East Texas Swinger 2

@jenniferdunkinhawley East TX sized swing bed. 😎 #easttexas #fyp #DIY #swingbed #katespadenyhappydance #livehappy #diyhomedecor #hubbymademe #texassized ♬ original sound - Jennifer Dunkin-Hawley



@soraka.rakalate night shenanigans #stephen #swing #swinger #texas

♬ original sound - Andrea Whatever

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