When I started looking at these photos I was at work dreaming of a time that I could just relax on a big patio looking at the beauty of East Texas. I stumbled upon this property in Big Sandy and this place has absolutely everything you could dream of to relax and enjoy, the only problem is that I don't have the $5.5 million dollars which is the list price for this gorgeous home. This property in Big Sandy is the most expensive home for sale in the area but before the price tag scares you away, you have to see these photos for yourself.

The home itself is 5 bedrooms, 5.5+ bathrooms, the house is just shy of 8,000 square feet and the stunning home is sitting on a 300 acre lot. Yeah, not only is the house incredible you have all the privacy you could ever want. This home and property is a dream come true and someone is going to love becoming the next owner of this place.

The Most Expensive Property in Big Sandy is Worth Every Penny

While I don't have the money to purchase this place, you must check out the master suite. I mean everything about this place is fantastic, but when you see the bathroom, and the walk in closet you will be blown away at how large it is. The open floorplan from the kitchen to the living room is so inviting for guests. Plus there is a great movie room, which can also be perfect for cheering on your favorite sports team.

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The Only Thing That Scares Me About the Most Expensive Property in Big Sandy

This home is one that I would seriously thing about purchasing if I won the lottery, it is that amazing! But how would I handle the 300 acres? I guess if you can afford the home, you can probably afford to pay some people to help you maintain all 300 acres.

Just check out this tremendous home and property for yourself:

This 5.5 Million Dollar Mansion in Big Sandy is Jaw-Dropping

It's the most expensive property in Big Sandy, but look at how gorgeous the home is that is sitting on 300 acres.

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