Many parents can agree that on Christmas Eve getting the kids to go to bed is a chore!

The anticipation of waiting for Santa Claus to appear will keep them up all night, but if you just so happen to play the right Christmas song at bedtime your child will most likely fall asleep.

According to Fatherly, they did a search of the best Christmas songs that will have kids saying 'nite nite' on Christmas Eve and the remainder of the holiday season.

Kids' bed specialist Cuckooland performed the study to figure out which song could put kids to sleep.

Annaliese Grimaud, who is a researcher at the Music and Science Lad at Durham University spoke on the study,

The function of a lullaby is to soothe a baby and put them to sleep, so common features we would expect to see in lullabies would be, a slow(ish) tempo, relatively quiet dynamics, simple rhythm pattern – potentially one that imitates a rocking movement and a simple melody.

After all the studying the number one song to put children to sleep during the holidays is none other than.....

Earth Kitt's version of "Santa Baby"

Other notable Christmas lullaby's are:

Which Christmas song make you most nostalgic?

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