Friday (June 7th) would have been the 61st birthday of the "Purple" icon Prince and Hot 107-3 Jamz has a party for you!

Right after the Steve Harvey Morning Show at 9 a.m. listen during our "Commercial Free Workday Kickoff" as we celebrate Prince by shining a musical spotlight on him during your workday.

Now if you are an avid Prince fan he really wasn't a fan of birthdays.  During an interview he made mention that he doesn't celebrate his personal milestone according to Rolling Stone.

I don’t celebrate birthdays, so that stops me from counting days, which stops me from counting time.

Prince died 3 years ago after an accidental overdose of fentanyl on April 21st at the age of 57.

Regardless if you celebrate him or not Prince's music will continue to stand the test of time and I am looking forward to turning my monitors up and celebrate his "Purple Highness" on Hot 107-3 Jamz!

What's your favorite song by Prince?



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