Having visited Weatherford, Texas before to see family, I know it’s a nice area and not too far from everything you could ever need. It’s about 30 minutes to Fort Worth and an hour from Dallas, Texas. Although if you are interested in buying this gorgeous modern farmhouse in Weatherford, Texas you might not ever want to leave the property. 

This whole property is just stunning, it gives you plenty of space to enjoy your privacy but still gives you all of the comfort and amenities you could ever want. The home address for this property is 3055 Cabaniss Lane in Weatherford, Texas 76088. The home includes 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 1 half bathroom all inside 4,310 square feet. The stunning home sits on 17.2 acres of land in Texas which comes with a list price of $1,750,000. 

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The Modern Farmhouse in Weatherford, TX is Fairly New 

While this place isn’t brand new, it’s not very old either. The home was built in 2018 and looks as good as the day the first owners moved in. The kitchen is set up for any chef with incredible appliances and a large open concept which is perfect for inviting friends or family to come over. 

The Farmhouse For Sale in Weatherford, TX Has Lots of Extras 

Your family, friends, and guests will love this home. But so will your horses, and yes, there are stalls on the property. This property can truly be whatever you want it to be. But it’s already beautiful so hopefully you can make an offer on this place before it goes to someone else.  

Modern Farmhouse For Sale in Weatherford, Texas

This modern farmhouse on over 17 acres can truly be anything you want it to be.

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