Texas is such a gigantic state and has such a wide variety of just about everything. Including a large population of wealthy people and an even bigger number of people that are just trying to work hard for their paycheck so they can keep the lights on. While I knew there was a lot of money in Texas, I didn’t know that the 7th richest town in the whole country is here in the lone star state.  

While having a lot of money doesn’t make you a better person, it’s still something that most of us strive to accomplish. The idea of not having to worry about bills or money in general would be such a stress reliever but making that kind of money doesn’t happen by chance (in most cases), it takes a lot of hard work.  

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What Criteria Made the List of the Richest Cities in the USA? 

The details behind the richest cities list for 2023 was created by World Population Review, they looked at average household income, the population of the city in 2023 and density (mi2). Even after looking at the criteria, I would have never guessed this place as being one of the richest places in the country. 

Where in Texas is the 7th Richest City in the US? 

According to the results that would be Highland Park, Texas. The Average household income is $358,994, population of 8,540 people and 1,470/mi2.  

To help sum this up, most of us will not be moving to Highland Park anytime soon but we do have a lot of successful people that call Texas home.

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