Since the COVID-19 pandemic it has been hard to remain optimistic about brighter days especially when days seen uncertain, but one St. Louis has found her smile again after facing something most wouldn't be able to handle.

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Let me tell you about Shana Jones and her amazing story of finding her purpose while dealing with tragedy.

Click2Houston reported that during the week of her birthday March 25th while Shana should be preparing to celebrate another year of life instead she received bad news back to back as she lost her aunt and uncle, four cousins, a close friend, and church member who was like a mother figure to her.

Yes, Shana lost eight loved ones to the coronavirus.

Instead of allowing the circumstance of her situation get her down Shana decided to do something else that would change not only her life, but others as well.

Shana got two tables and placed them outside of her home with items for the community to take whatever they needed.

Some of the items on the table were...

  • Canned goods
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fresh fruit

Families would come from her neighborhood and even all over St. Louis to take what they needed from this act of kindness.

The proceeds of the items on the table has come from Shana's own finances which isn't easy because during the pandemic she hasn't been able to work, but the community has come together and started dropping off items as well.

I personally have felt the effects of the COVID-19 as I lost a family member this week and to see Shana and how she is making a difference make me want to do something for my community as well.

Thank you Shana for your humanity!

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