It is an absolute miracle that two absolutely adorable puppies are still with us after being left for dead in a Richardson, TX apartment complex trash chute. The terrifying story with the happy ending first began last month on Tuesday, September 7th when a maintenance worker at an apartment complex was walking down the hallway and heard what he thought was an odd noise coming from the trash chute. The man realizing that noise was unexpected was a miracle and truly saved these puppies from death.

After looking down the trash chute to figure out what that noise was he realized something was wiggling and caught on something near the 3rd floor, when he was on the 5th floor. So, he rushed down two flights of stairs reached in and found a puppy that was no more than two days old as it was still covered in amniotic fluid with the ambilocal cord attached. He quickly notified the manager on duty and the manager rushed the injured pup to Animal Services.

The Maintenance Worker Then Found a Second Pup in the Trash

While the first pup was rushed to Animal Services, the maintenance worker called the manager and said he heard more noises coming from the trash chute. The manager was angry and sad, but turned her car around, and the maintenance worker had already dug through the trash to find the other puppies. They were all wrapped in a plastic bag and had to have been dropped multiple stories to be in the garbage container.

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The Puppies Were Almost Crushed by the Garbage Compactor

The apartment complex has a garbage compactor and the bag that had the pups in it were inches away from being crushed. Literally, one more bag of garbage would have pushed those doggies down to their death. At this point there were three puppies that were rushed to Animal Services where they were given heating pads, fluids, and formula to regain strength.

After 24 hours of being looked after with Animal Services one of the puppies didn't make it, due to the injury from being dropped multiple stories in the garbage chute.

The next 8 weeks the other two pups were nurtured back to health and a wonderful family adopted both puppies, so they could live the rest of their lives together.

No one was charged with a crime because law enforcement still isn't sure where the puppies came from or who is responsible for leaving them to die. PLEASE, if you ever have to rehome your pet take them to a shelter, don't leave them to die.

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