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Emily Schmitt just suffered every parent's worst nightmare.

The other morning, as the 30-year-old mother of four was getting ready for work, her 2-year-old daughter, Carsyn, somehow got hold of her unlocked phone and began playing with it, snapping several pics of her mom. This wouldn't be a big deal normally, but unbeknownst to Emily, little Carsyn also snapped a photo of her mom's bare butt and somehow sent it to all of her mom's friends on Snapchat. This list included co-workers, clients, and even old flames. They all saw it.

At first, Emily had no knowledge of what had happened until she received a message from a co-worker thanking her "for the nude." That's when she realized what her precious Carsyn had accomplished.

After the shock wore off, Emily took to Facebook to face the music, and explain what had happened like a champ.

In her words:

Since the initial shock is over, and the freakout moments passed, and the acceptance phase has arrived, I figure I would share what happened to me yesterday. Toddler for sale.

You have to give her credit for her candor and ability to laugh this off and not be mad at her child. If anything, this could be a wonderful teaching moment. Not for the toddler, but for mom. She probably needs to put a password or PIN on the phone that locks it when her kid is around. Or maybe a thumbprint login. Then, be grateful that she didn't take another other private photos with her husband that could have been much worse and more suggestive in nature.

You gotta love toddlers.

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